Brad Shannon – Our New Community Health Consultant

Clinical and Education Team on January 15, 2019 at 01:33 pm

Meet Brad – our new Community Health Consultant

With the expansion of NDIS into SE QLD last July, Active Medical committed to expanding our support network to ensure we could offer solutions across the sector. Towards the end of the last year, Brad Shannon, started training with Phil Allen in order to transition into the Community Health Team. With an already extensive knowledge of our range, Brad has been working closely with OT and Physios and is now officially a part of the team. 

Brad has been a part of the Active Medical Team for over 5 Years and as of last year has been working closely with our Allied Health Clients. His knowledge of our range, empathy and understanding the requirements of all our clients has received positive feedback from Clients and his colleagues here at Active Medical. Phil Allen, our Community Care Consultant for over 10 years, endorsed Brad for his attention to detail and compassion for the client, as well as Allied Health Staff. Brad will now be taking care of our Equipment Trials and Appointments, with the support of the Community and Aged Care Team here in Cannon Hill.

Brad is on the road 5 days a week and is ready for his next appointment with you. Additionally, Brad has kindly given us 5 minutes of his time to answer a few questions.

What is about the Community Care Sector that keeps you motivated?

The feeling of satisfaction I get when a client is excited about the prospect of an easier, more comfortable life because of the equipment solution we can provide.

What have you learnt from the OT’s Physio’s and Carers?

Positivity, reassurance, respect, dignity can all go a long way to ease the mind of a client in need

When providing equipment and care support, what is the most rewarding feeling?

Knowing that the clients day to day life will be more comfortable and easier because of the quality and functions of goods provided. As I get to know the OT’s and their Clients, I start to see the positive changes the equipment makes.

In some cases, the solution may not be available? What is your course of action?

I can provide contact info for a suitable business who may be able to help further with their requirements, our focus is the client, not a sale. Google can be your best friend too! I am also happy to look through the options and help advise. If I leave an appointment knowing the client has a solution, I am happy, regardless of where they get it.

Has the NDIS been a positive implementation?

Definitely, it is allowing a wider choice of equipment to a wider range of clients in need. For me, the best part of it is that it promotes inclusion. It’s a great step towards a more inclusive and better society.

What is your favourite equipment solution?

I love the versatility a Wi Bo Sentida bed with accessories, and a suitable pressure care mattress can offer to our clients. We have seen the popularity grow with our NDIS Clients as it supports a diverse array of situations and disabilities.


January 15, 2019

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